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In 1950, Joseph Cherbaka founded Everest Jewelers

Everest Jewelers became widely recognized as one of Montreal’s most exclusive jewelry designers, retailers and wholesalers of high end diamonds and Swiss watches. Over the years, Everest Jewelers built a solid reputation with its clients and in the trade. For this reason, they were chosen to create and supply many of the Montreal Canadians Stanley cup rings, including the last Stanley cup victory of the Montreal Canadians in 1993.
Joseph Cherbaka’s dream became a reality and for more than 40 years he worked side by side with his son’s Allan & Larry to pass on his legacy and love for the jewelry trade.

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Today, 70 years later, his sons Allan and Larry Cherbaka have pursued the family tradition and have taken their jewelry knowledge and expertise to another level. With over 45 years of knowledge and experience, they have now opened Diamantaire Cherbaka.

Brothers Allan and Larry Cherbaka have always distinguished themselves as leaders in the high-end jewelry design and Swiss watch retailing business in Montreal. Aside from their outstanding reputation, Allan & Larry’s high-quality designs, excellence, and style have been attracting customers to them for over 45 years.

Inspired by the endless energy of their clients, every piece of jewelry begins with a study of the individual gemstones along with their client’s wants and needs.
Gemologists, designers, and craftsmen, the Cherbaka brothers will work with you to create your unique and extraordinary jewelry designs. From our personalized shopping experience to our unique jewelry designs, everything at Diamantaire Cherbaka is held to exceptional standards.

Our history, outstanding reputation, and dedication to their customers, make them the perfect jewelers to entrust your precious jewelry needs.
Diamantaire Cherbaka wants to celebrate life’s most meaningful moments with you. 


In 1993, Allan & Larry Cherbaka manufactured the Stanley cup ring for the Montreal Canadians. The Stanley Cup ring is the mark of a champion, and anyone who has earned it should be proud to wear it. Diamantaire Cherbaka brother’s are proud to have taken part in this tradition.


For the last 30 years, Allan & Larry Cherbaka have created the “Gold-Headed Cane” for the first ship that enters the harbour in the new year. The recognition that accompanies the “Gold-Headed Cane” makes it a prize coveted by ships from all over the world.
Diamantaire Cherbaka thrives on building Canadians’ traditions.

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